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Vastu Tips for Puja Room

Puja or prayer room is full of positive energies so no matter what mental or emotional state one is in, entering the puja room refreshes your energy and connects you with positive energy.
Puja room also be used as a place for meditation so it is very important to build  Puja Room in such a way that it helps you to meditate as well as connect you to your inner source.

Here are some important points to be consider:

1) The best direction in the house to build Puja Room is north-east because North-east receives the most beneficial energies of Sun which is full of Satwik Tatva or pure essence. If north-east of the house is not available for the Puja Room, the place for Puja can be made in an available room in the northeast corner of the room.

2) As while doing Puja or meditation, one should face east or north direction so it is important to avoid placing idols on the south wall.

3) Colour of the walls of the Puja Room should preferably be white, light yellow or light blue.

4) The base level of Puja Ghar should be at least 6 inches above the floor so that the idols are above the navel when you are praying depending on the position,whether standing or sitting.

5) Nothing should be stored above the cabinet or Puja Ghar.

6) The idols of deities in the home should not be bigger than the span of the hand from the tip of the little finger to the tip of the thumb of the head of the family. Any idol bigger than this is inauspicious for homes.

7) Never keep too many idols. Duplicates of idols should be donated in the best manner. Crowded Mandir is equal to cluttered space that does not harbor positive energies.

8) The idols should be at least 2 inches away from the wall.

9) Keep the Puja Room and the place of idols clean and uncluttered. The space below the Puja Ghar can be used to store items like incense sticks, kumkum etc. Alternatively, south and west directions can be used for Storage.

10) The roof of the Puja Room can be in the shape of pyramid as this is a very auspicious shape and it is well known that the energies under the pyramid are extremely positive that assist in spiritual opening and meditation.

Things to be Avoided 

1. Puja Room should not share a wall with toilet or Bathroom
2. Idols should not be exactly in front of the Entrance.
3. Don’t sit bare on the floor while doing prayer or meditation.
4. Don’t keep photos of dead people along with the idols in Puja Ghar.
5. Do not keep broken idols in the Puja Ghar
6. Unless worshipped every day, avoid keeping sriyantra, srichakra, saligram and idols of ancient temples in the house.
7) Avoid having the Puja Ghar in the Bedroom.

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