God Vishnu 10 Avatars

God Vishnu's ten main avatars in a definitive order, from simple life-forms to more complex, and saw the Dashavatara as a reflection, or a foreshadowing, of the modern theory of evolution.

1) Matsya - fish, the first class of vertebrates; evolved in water(Indicates origin of Fishes in Silurian Period) read in more detail
2) Kurma - amphibious (living in both water and land; but not to confuse with the vertebrate class amphibians)(Indicates origin of Amphibians in Devonian Period). read in more detail.
3) Varaha - mammals, wild land animals (Indicates Mammals origin in Triassic Period) read in more detail
4) Narasimha - beings that are half-animal and half-human (indicative of emergence of human thoughts and intelligence in powerful wild nature)
5) Vamana - short, premature human beings
6) Parasurama - Early humans living in forests and using weapons
7) Rama - Humans living in community, beginning of civil society
8) Krishna - Humans practising animal husbandry, politically advanced societies
9) Buddha - Humans finding enlightenment
10)Kalki - Advanced humans with great powers.


God Vishnu 10 Avatars


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